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Gulf National Management Services LLC

A UAE local technical and management support company providing the resources, facilities, and project management for both military and civilian programs as well as the specialties require for the many commercial projects. It is the intent of this company to utilize a unique blend of UAE Nations and contract employees to manage and implement the highly skilled activities required for logistics and technical support; as well as to assist suppliers in avoiding the very costly expenses of establishing and staffing an office in country on a permanent basis.


Gulf National Management Services was established to meet the growing demand for onsite program management, local technical support, near term and long term logistics as well as the administrative activities required for the successful introduction, implementation and long term support for future projects and products in the region.


Our Technical and Management  Team at Gulf National Management Services brings an expertise in managing high value technical projects through development, transition, production and product support phase of the program. With this highly skilled onsite management team overseeing your projects in country activities, you assure the successful implementation and long term support of your product in most cost effective and most efficient manner.


We at Gulf National Management Services are confident that our knowledge of program management, technical support, material/sub-contracts management and logistics support combined with our direct access to a highly skilled labor market in the Middle East and our unique understanding of local traditions and international connections, will be the core of future success for both ourselves and our partners.


Gulf National Management Services

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